Marybeth Heikes

Paintings in Watercolor & Mixed Media

PigCHAMP Buys Pig Collages

October 20, 2003

Five original artworks by Marybeth Heikes were purchased by PigCHAMP, Inc., located in Ames. Ms. Heikes delivered the collages in early October and was invited to personally hang them in their lobby. Included in these works were, Piggyback Hogs #2, Iowa Pig, Minnesota Pig, Postal Pig, and one of her first collages, Iowa Series #4 (Hogs). These works were purchased to enhance their decor and add to their collection of Heikes’ originals. The company purchased two other pig collages at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines in 2001.

PigCHAMP sells software and other products of swine management. The “CHAMP” in PigCHAMP is an acronym for “Computerized Health and Management Programs.” The online homestead is used by veterinarians, consultants, researchers, feed companies and universities in more than 55 countries. The company originated in Minnesota and has a branch in Ontario, Canada.

Marybeth has been creating these unique collages since early 1990’s. She begins by hand-painting her collage papers with acrylic paints and then follows a loosely drawn design in pencil.

These papers are highly textured and painted with bold, bright colors. Many of these artworks have been exhibited in National Competitions around the country, and have won awards. Her most popular series in collage is the “Iowa Series,” featuring barns in southeast Iowa. Many of these include farm animals, including llamas as humorous points of interest in the designs.

Ms. Heikes is a signature member of the Midwest and Iowa Watercolor Societies, and also Watercolor West. Her paintings are in numerous public and private collections. She owns and operates Gallery Indigo on the southeast side of the square.

Posted in Midwest Life on October 20, 2003.