Marybeth Heikes

Paintings in Watercolor & Mixed Media

Florals & Pigs

June 10, 2009

Periwinkles.May Poppies.This week I’ve been working on some quarter-sheet florals for the upcoming festival — so attention flower lovers!  These were picked from my garden last year (and this year too) and many were taken to church for altar decoration. I love the vividness of colors and try to combine different varieties into an interesting arrangement. I plant different varieties every year, plus our favorites — sunflowers, poppies, and cosmos.

Patriotic Pig.
And for a different twist, these pig collages are fun to create!  I usually have a title for the piece in mind, or someone will suggest something to me. The patriotic pig uses the secondary colors of purple and green with red accents of the flags. I like having people chuckle over the pigs, with the title, colors, and background involvement in the design.