Marybeth Heikes

Paintings in Watercolor & Mixed Media

Pig Pennants & Van Gogh

June 24, 2009
Oleanders & Goblets

Oleanders & Goblets (click on the picture for details)

I’ve been discovering new ways to incorporate special requests for commissions, particularly with pigs. The newest combines cut-out words, office report backgrounds, collegiate pennants, and university pennants for team spirit! I accept any zany challenges!

I’ve also finally finished my latest glass still life which incorporates Van Gogh’s floral print “Oleanders” with the turquoise goblets. What interested me was the lemony-yellow greens of the Oleander fronds and the turquoise color of the goblets. Using a flat print of flowers instead of a real bouquet adds an unusual look with the tilted picture plane. This painting was started March 31 — it’s a relief to finally complete it!