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Wickfield Pavilion

October 1, 2008

Yesterday while planning my next barnscape, I came across a design I penciled last October of the Wickfield Pavilion, a historic round barn in Cantril, Iowa. I decided the design looked good and will work on it after finishing the Des Moines cityscape. Figuring out the colors for the barn will be a challenge — each color and texture I use affects the temperature and hues. I’ll also have to consider the possibilities for the interesting shingled roof with the many windows and the cupola and pig weathervane on the top.

The piece is larger than the last one; most of my barn collages are quite small. I like the details on this barn and plan to render a unique design. Of course, the trick is to not let all the details take away from the textured papers and overall big shapes.

Posted in Midwest Life on October 1, 2008.

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