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Adding Art to Your Home

February 10, 2009

Sunflower and Centerpiece

This photo of my original sunflower collage, displayed in a family room, shows how an artful client tied it in with the Thanksgiving theme. All the colors in the painting harmonize with the hand-picked flower centerpiece on the table.

This is easy to do. Another way to highlight an original painting would be to pick up one of the colors in the painting and paint the walls that hue. Recently, a customer did just that. She chose three watercolors and picked mats to complement the paintings. Then a warm tangerine hue was chosen for the walls and the result was stunning when she hung the artworks.

You can create some beautiful decor by adding a few prints or original artwork to a room.

In the dining room you will find the perfect setting for using artwork in your home. Since this tends to be a more formal area for eating, you can use traditional art images to surround your eating table in style. Try using subtle prints — impressionistic florals is one style to help set the mood.

For your living room or main entertainment area, you can choose prints or art that are a bit bolder in color and style. You want to add energy and life to this room so people feel happy here. Choose brighter colors and interesting patterns and images that will attract attention. When you have new people in this room, it always helps to have an instant conversation starter. You can also choose something larger in size so it creates a focal point and adds to the overall decor.

When it comes to the bedrooms in your home, fine art will probably vary in terms of style and color. You want to be sure that you’re choosing prints that are indicative of the mood you want the room to have as well as the personality of the person that sleeps there.

And in the bathroom, you can use fine art to liven up what is usually a dull space. Try adding life to the walls with fun images and pictures as well as scenes you can look at again and again. You might want to coordinate the prints with a color that’s in your decorating theme or one in the shower curtain or towels.

With fine art and prints, you can add style and class to any room in your home. And though you may not agree on what constitutes fine art, always choose something you like, and your guests will certainly know good taste when they see it.

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