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Golden Petals

July 21, 2009

Golden Petals.

Once again my inspiration changed my choice of subject matter. I previously planned to paint more local town scenes and got up early yesterday to take advantage of the early morning sunlight and shadow patterns on our town square. I was surprised there were quite a few people there walking or working. When I returned home, I picked a bouquet of flowers for church. What inspires me are the colors and shapes of the flowers; the delicate pinks and reds of the trumpet-like bearded tongue; the blue-violet star-shaped balloon flowers; the large heads of mahogany & golds of the sunflowers; the fuschia phlox; and the pure white daisy petals. It seems they are bursting with color and the combinations are endless. The colors are so fresh and lively and uplifting.

Today I began painting a composition of peonies and poppies on hot press paper. This bouquet is basically all red, so it will be a challenge not to use the other primaries that I’m used to.

Posted in Stunning Still Lifes on July 21, 2009.

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