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Road Trip #1 & #2 in National Exhibition

August 23, 2013

I am happy to announce that both of my collages, Road Trip #1 and Road Trip #2, have been accepted in the Midwest National Abstract Art Exhibition IX, sponsored by the Southside Art League. This exhibit is located at the Garfield Park Arts Center in Indianapolis and opens September 28.

Marybeth Heikes with Road Trip #1 & #2

This is an all-media show, and I decided to enter my collages this year instead of watercolors. Executing an interesting abstract design is challenging  for me. Most of my artwork is derived from my photographs of various subject matter. I began with arranging big shapes and favorite colors without any preconceived ideas. The whole process is about allowing changes, adding and subtracting shapes until the major composition is decided. The design evolves over a period of time, and while the work is in progress a direction presents itself, along with title ideas. The second design stumped me, but gradually the shapes moved into a flowing pattern and other ideas popped into my mind.  When I worked towards finishing the project, everything seemed to fall into place, along with the title. I was quite pleased with the results. I also find that working with a deadline increases my productivity.

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