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Bowl of Flowers

Bowl of Flowers

Acrylic collage

This design began in 2019 and sat unfinished on my shelf for a couple years. Sometimes I hit a dead-end while working, and the best thing to do is set it aside for a rainy day. I have many artworks in progress and last week I sorted through the mess to decide which designs could be rejuvenated.

This design is a square format, created with my hand-painted acrylic papers. The flower shapes were glue-sticked to the support, so it was an easy removal. I decided that many of the shapes lacked interest or were all the same size or color. I recut the shapes from memory and arranged the design in an artful composition. I also redesigned the bowl shape. The end result was definitely a better composition in all respects. In this design, I limited the palette colors, which creates unity and harmony.

Posted in Stunning Still Lifes on October 12, 2023.

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