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Spouting Off

Spouting Off


These teapot shapes continue to  interest me. I set up part of my favorite collection outside on a glass table when it was nice and sunny outside. I also put some mirrors behind the teapots to capture their reflections and add depth to the composition. It was tricky setting the mirrors up against the chairs, as they have a tendency to slide down since they’re so small. I also have to deal with the breeze, as sometimes it blows objects down. It’s always a good idea to work quickly! After that I photograph the set-up from many angles. Most of the time I work from my photos. In the past I have drawn the design from the actual set-up, but it’s a longer process and I like to streamline it so I can start painting sooner.

I began the painting at the top — the reflections in the mirrors — and worked my way into the center, and lastly the foreground.

I feel this is a successful painting because the spouts lead the viewer’s eye into the picture and around. The repetition of the circular lids and teapot shapes gives the painting harmony.


Posted in Stunning Still Lifes on February 25, 2013.

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